Target cellulite, signs of ageing, pigmentation and more with this ground-breaking treatment.

Drastically improves hydration and restores balance; promoting more even skin tone; greater firmness; a reduction in the size and presence of pores/blemishes, and visible signs of cellulite. 

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CooLift is a face, neck and body treatment that targets signs of ageing while boosting radiance, plumping the skin, and improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

It also offers long-term benefits to your skin tone and the skin’s elasticity through increasing production of key proteins, collagen, and elastin.


HA Booster

Riduri & Laxitate

CooLifting creates visible anti-ageing effects after just one session. It helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to ‘regenerate’ the skin, improving its texture and quality. CooLifting promises a ’10 years younger’ appearance in just one short, 3-minute session. However, for longer-lasting effects, we may recommend a course of treatments.


Bio Revitalizant

Hidratare Intensă

With anti-ageing benefits, skin-tightening ingredients and actives that create a luminous glow, this intensely hydrating treatment is packed with moisturising hyaluronic acid. Smooth, firm and glow for any skin type. Aromaterapie relaxantă și senzație de SPA. Ingrediente pe bază de plante: Kombucha, extract de miere și aloe vera.


Sebum - Control

Pete & ten gras

Anti-ageing and skin clearing effect, targeting oiliness, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes alongside other signs of acne. Resurface and regenerate with the active ingredient’s glycolic acid, vitamin C and kojic acid. Offers a reduction in pore size, while addressing uneven skin texture, tone, and pigment. While effective, this treatment is gentle enough to be used on active acne to reduce inflammation and the presence and size of blemishes.

tratament anticelulita


Infuzie de Aminoacizi

Celulita Slabire Remodelare

Formulated with glaucine (to inhibit fat cell growth), caffeine (to stimulate circulation) and carnitine (to support energy metabolism), this treatment helps to reduce cellulite powerfully, effectively, and visibly. For best results, combine with the CoolCell homecare gel to extend the lifespan of your treatment, smooth the skin, and improve blood circulation.

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